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If you are contacted by law enforcement, DO NOT provide a statement to them. IMMEDIATELY invoke your RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT and RIGHT TO COUNSEL.

If you have been arrested, you need an attorney on your side who understands every facet of the legal system.

I am Dick Margarita, a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer with more than 30 years of experience as a public servant. As a former Law Enforcement Officer, Prosecutor and as an Adjunct Professor at California State University, Sacramento, I have a deep understanding of police procedures and investigation techniques. I have been an attorney for more than 20 years and have extensive courtroom experience, making me uniquely qualified to handle your criminal case.

Experienced Defense Against a Wide Range of Criminal Charges

I can help protect your rights in a wide range of criminal law matters. I defend against misdemeanors and felonies, and state and federal charges, including:

Drug offenses: Drug crime charges could result in jail/prison time, sizable fines, loss of your driver’s license and a permanent criminal record. I handle charges related to marijuana and the possession of all other illegal drugs, as well as charges of drug trafficking and distribution. I also defend against drug manufacturing charges as well as charges stemming from complex narcotic conspiracies. In addition, I also provide legal representation for professional licensing matters related to medical professionals who have been charged with the illegal prescribing, dispensing and/or administration of controlled substances.

Drug Diversion Cases: If you are a medical professional and are approached by the DEA, DO NOT GIVE ANY STATEMENT. DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR DEA REGISTRATION TO THE DEA. The Self-Surrender of your DEA Registration may negatively impact your career in medicine, FOREVER!

DUI: If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you could face driver’s license suspension, as well as jail time and substantial fines. The potential consequences are much more severe if you have multiple DUI’s in your past. I can represent you in both the criminal and administrative driver’s license aspects of your case. You have only 10 days after your arrest to schedule a DMV hearing or your driver’s license will be suspended. To protect your driving privileges, you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible following an arrest.

Traffic violations: I can help protect your rights in all types of traffic violation cases, including those involving speeding tickets, hit-and-run charges, driving without insurance, and vehicular manslaughter.

White collar crimes: If you are facing charges for any type of white collar crime, you need a skilled attorney on your side. I represent people who have been charged with insurance fraud, embezzlement, Internet crimes, forgery and identity theft.

Expungements: I help people clear or expunge their criminal record of certain convictions.

Additionally, if you need assistance posting bail, I can represent you in bond and bail hearings.

Contact a Defense Lawyer With More Than 30 Years of Public Service Experience

If you are facing serious criminal charges, you need an attorney on your side with years of experience. Contact me online or call 916-248-8570 to schedule a consultation. MasterCard and Visa are welcome.

Skilled Representation in Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation

Attorney Richard (Dick) Margarita

RichardMargaritaPut 30 Years of Public Service Experience to Work for You

Dick Margarita was born and raised in Cumberland and Narragansett, Rhode Island. He graduated from St. Mary’s College of California in 1979. In July 1981, he commenced his law enforcement…

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